UAG Trooper case review iPhone 6/6s+

For a number of years, I have been relying on Urban Armor Gear to provide me with the best drop and shock protection for my iPhone and they have never disappointed. They make sleek, sexy and strong cases that have a wide appeal.

In my recent quest to find a case that could hold my most used cards for the somewhat gargantuan iPhone 6 plus, I stumbled across the Trooper case. Now before I go on, it is important to mention the requirements I had for a card case:

  • It had to have good all-around protection including an adequate lip to protect the screen
  • It had to hold at least 4 cards comfortably and lastly…
  • The cards had to be easily accessed

The Trooper case met all of these requirements. The case features a flip style rear compartment that can carry up to four cards and closes very securely. It has a poly-carbonate shell and an impact resistant core and exudes sexiness, something often missing in a phone cases. The black gives it a stealthy appearance but also maintains a certain sense of professionalism that could be required by those who don’t wear jeans to work!

Another thing that impressed was the overly large and very tactile buttons that give that satisfying click when pressed. Furthermore, it has a good amount of lip that comes over the screen and would undoubtedly provide great protection from that dreaded screen break.

It also worth mentioning that this case meets military drop-test standards and could withhold an adequate fall without major damage.

This case has proven to be a good way to carry my license and credit cards without the need for a bulky wallet. It should be worth noting that the case is a touch on the bulky side but keep in mind that not only do you have great drop protection but also have a wallet built into your phone case, a trade-off I can live with.

Buy yours at – UAG iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s Trooper Card Case [BLACK] Military Drop Tested iPhone Case


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