Contenders Boxer Briefs

Next into the ring from California ittttssssssssss Contenders Boxer Briefs with their homage to the Creed movie franchise with their briefs for men.

Inspired by the recent motion picture Creed their similarly titled boxer briefs are styled in red and white with blue trim, stripes with stars. They feature a jacquarded waistband, premium 95% Premium Cotton / 5% Spandex breathable fabric and Contenders ride control technology – these briefs are seriously comfortable. The best part, they don’t ride up your leg even during the most rigorous of activity which is a big plus in my book.

After trying them this past week, they are so comfortable you almost forget you have them on. My wife would argue that me doing my best Apollo Creed impression in front of the mirror says otherwise but these truly are a premium boxer brief for the modern man.

The Johnson briefs feature a more simplistic black and white styling and are less flashy than the Creed ones but that is the best part of the Contenders range, there is something for everyone! At the time of writing this you can get both in a limited edition two pack for just $36.75.

Coming soon is also a new line inspired by the movie franchise – Rocky. So get into the ring and up your underwear game with Contenders boxer briefs!

Buy yours at – Contenders Clothing Men’s Creed + Johnson Boxer Brief (Pack of 2) Large


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