2XU Compression gear

Fitness apparel companies are a dime a dozen these days, so how does one break through in such a saturated market? You set your goal to advance human performance through designing innovative compression gear for all kinds of athletes.

After recently being given the opportunity to try 2XU’s Elite MCS compression tights, I have to admit it was a strange experience wearing my first ever compression anything. I am usually a loose jean kind of guy and even during my workouts I never stray from my trusty Adidas running shorts, however, I can definitely see the upside of this technology. The brilliance of 2XU Compression is that it helps to align and keep muscles in place to reduce muscle oscillation that can lead to muscle strain and soreness. Their gear also increases venous return to the heart and increases blood circulation to aid in the removal of blood lactate from muscles, reduce swelling and speed muscle repair for faster recovery.

Being an avid runner, I often would get tired and sore muscles in my legs but after wearing the compression gear on a few regular 10k runs, I found my body overall less tired and recovered much faster than usual.  Being in my mid 30’s, I am very conscious of the strain that I put on my body and any product that allows me to feel less exhausted after a hard run has got a special place in my heart.

2XU prides themselves on their gear being tested by sports science institutions, experts, athletes and coaches to help produce world leading products and it is obvious a lot of on-going thought has been put into not only the design but the quality of their products. Made from high grade elastane yarns with Invistra Lycra and a superior grade circular knit structure (which also looks very cool), the compression tights deliver on their promise of 360-degree stretch, greater flexibility, power and durability

2XU has really converted me to compression gear. Their gear is comfortable, well made and simply does what it says out of the box. If you care about your body, your muscles and your overall well being, it is worth checking their gear out.

Buy yours at – 2XU Men’s Perform Full Front Zip Trisuit, Black/Black, Large


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