Evoke socks

Premium socks are all the rage. They have to not only be well made but also pop with color. However, we mindlessly spend our hard earned cash on the essentials and rarely do we get a chance to actually buy something that gives back and makes change. Evoke socks not only make awesome socks for your feet but also raise awareness and funds to support charities who fight to better our world.

All of their socks are made of 80% Cashmere, 18% polyester, and 2% elastane. After wearing them this past week, I must say they are extremely comfy and luxe. They are also super soft and you can really notice just how comfortable they are at the end of a long day. I usually bust through the door and the first thing I do is take off my shoes and socks, not anymore, I was more than happy to strut around in them. They also come in a variety of colors and sty-lings that garner much attention.

Lastly, with their mix and match option you can choose unlimited variations. Simply add your choice of two, four, or six pairs of socks to your cart, and you will automatically be upgraded to a combo pack.

For those who are serious about upping their sock game and want to feel damn good about it, then check out www.evokesocks.com


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  1. Peter Rotondo says:

    I bought two pairs to start. One developed a hole near the ankle about four hours of wearing. They’re terribly thin. No sock of this price should allow skin to show through. I’ve bought better at a dollar store!


    1. Peter Rotondo says:

      And they pill after two wearings!


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