Re-Timer – sleep better!

For many of us, sleep is a luxury we can rarely afford. We live a lifestyle born in chaos, where things needed to be done yesterday and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish it. This is further impacted by things such as travel, irregular shift work or even the season. More often than not, it leaves us feeling tired, irritable and unable to get proper rest. Re-Timer have developed an ingenious solution to help people improve their sleep, without the need for pills or gimmicks, but with simple but effective light therapy.

Re-Timer is not new to the sleep therapy game, this technology has been developed over the past 25 years by world-renowned sleep psychologist Prof. Leon Lack and Dr. Helen Wright. Independently tested for eye safety to international standards and features 100% UV-free light, conceptually, the device is comprised of a plastic optical frame with two green-blue LED light diodes placed just below the position of the eye on the frame itself. The colored light enters the eye indirectly, with the purpose of adjusting the circadian rhythm and supressing the body’s production of melatonin (the sleep hormone our bodies produce which makes us feel tired). The device itself only weighs a measly 75g and also features a built-in USB rechargeable battery and a very convenient carry case.

The device claims to be able to adjust a person’s sleep schedule – to fall asleep easier, wake earlier, combat jet lag and even help shift workers rest during the daytime hours. Needless to say with such big claims – I was a skeptic!

After using this device over the past week for 3o minutes a day (as recommended on their website), I have somewhat surprisingly noticed a marked change in my sleeping habits. I often would have trouble falling asleep, even if I went to bed early, likely the product of mental exhaustion and endless to-do lists running through my brain. I would sometimes lie in bed for hours and watch the time just tick away.  After using Re-Timer’s very effective sleep calculator, once a day (as suggested), I started wearing the Re-Timer and the change became very noticeable. I found myself falling asleep much easier by the end of the week with an overall deeper sense of relaxation and rest through the night, which has made a world of difference to things such as my mood.

It is hard to tell if this is a placebo effect or genuine change to my overall sleep patterns but there is definitely a market out there for this type of product. Sleep shouldn’t be something we can do without; we need to make sure we are feeling more rested to tackle what life throws at us. You too can sleep better, ReTimer Light Therapy Glasses – Generation 2


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