PROMiXX – vortex mixer bottle

When a company claims to have the “World’s best” anything, it is almost always met with some level of skepticism and criticism from the get go. PROMiXX is a clever little device designed to take that average shaker bottle to the next level by equipping it with its own rechargeable mixing blade built in to the bottle itself. It is also backed from some leading figures in the sports and health world which does bring a lot of validity to their claims.

When I first got this product, it was hard for me to see past the irony. I know the action of mixing my shaker bottle is a pretty damn good arm workout but as I used it more and more throughout the week, it was obvious that this might in fact be a game changer. The beautiful all glass bottle features an ultra high torque, Lithium-Ion Rechargeable X-Shape blade that creates a perfect vortex to effectively blend whey proteins and nutritional supplements with liquids, whilst preserving the delicate protein structures. It is also detachable from the base of the bottle for easy cleaning.

What I found especially useful was how easy it has become to make my shake on the go, because it features a NUTRiPOD storage compartment. You simply store your supplement until needed, then empty it into your bottle with whatever liquid strikes your fancy, hit the go button and you have the perfect blended mix. No more mixing it the night before, no more clumps, this thing is like having a portable blender in your hand.

The PROMiXX bottle is a very clever invention and allows a lot more freedom for those who live a fast paced lifestyle, are always on the move and still want to get their fix from their favorite supplements. It is well constructed and the motorized blade works exceptionally well. Best of all, there are a plethora of colors to choose from and at very reasonable price.

So the question remains, is this the worlds best shaker bottle? Well, I will leave that decision up to you, but it does a pretty fine job mixing things up.

Get your own PROMiXX by following this link – Promixx: The Original Vortex Mixer. Protein Shaker Bottle Evolution. (Black)


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