Upright – Posture Trainer

Most of us have had our mom chide us saying “stand up straight” because let’s face it, we tend to slouch, we hunch over our laptops, tablets, smartphones or just while standing because it feels lazily comfortable. Most people don’t actively monitor their own posture but probably wish they could, this is where the folks over at Upright had the ingenious idea of designing a real time posture training device that would make mothers around the world proud.

Using a combination of smart sensors and a learning algorithm, Upright have designed a training wearable that will help anyone who wants to fix their posture. The inconspicuous device is designed to be worn for a short-amount of time during the day. Using Upright’s own training program, it can gradually train your core muscles and build muscle memory, so eventually you will be able to maintain an upright posture almost entirely subconsciously.

To use the device is super simple! You simply download the free app, sync it to the pad and attach to your back. The pad itself in its uniquely arc shape can attach to the upper or lower back with safe double sided adhesive and when you slouch the device vibrates to remind you to correct your posture. The app itself also tracks how long you slouch to help you visualize the improvements made in your overall posture.

After using this device for the past few weeks, we have been genuinely impressed with the effect it has had. The subtle vibration really is a pleasing wake up call to sit up or stand up straight, much more so than my mothers voice. This might sound strange but I feel taller and even more confident as I walk down the halls. We also liked that set up was super easy and the battery lasted through most work days with ease. Also notable is that it is very small and discrete, no one will even know you have it on. Our only reservation is the adhesive pads working too well to remove the hair from our manly *cough* hairy lower back and the longevity of the product after you run out of the pads. We are not sure if you would use it after this.

Nonetheless, any product that improves our overall health has a check-mark in our books and is worth the buy.

Get yours today at our special ONE CUT price – Upright | Smart Wearable Posture Trainer with Free IOS and Android App


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