MYNT – the ultimate tracker

There are many Bluetooth tracking devices on the market. Some of them are good and some…well let’s just say serve their purpose and not much more. SlightTech the creators of MYNT have not only created a device to track your most valued possessions but have coupled it with the ability to control other Bluetooth devices, giving users ultimate control over pretty much any device it is paired with.

With a beautiful metal construction and incredibly small 2×1 blueprint, MYNT is streamline and petite, easy to fit in a wallet, attach to a keychain, attach to children’s clothing or pet tags and even affix to a laptop or a TV remote. Simply put, you attach it to your most coveted possessions, pair it with the proprietary app and when you forget it, your cellphone will alert you!

Something we found particularly useful was MYNT’s ability to locate where we parked our car. The app automatically records the location of your vehicle and then provides an easy-to-use map and walking directions and accurately leads you to the car.

Functionality is also paramount with what SlightTech describes as bi-directional ability, or to have the device itself locate your phone by simply pushing the button. Your cellphone will then ring to help you locate it – perfect for those Saturday nights when anything can happen.

Another common feature with many tracking devices is the use of community GPS location services. When you report lost items in the MYNT app, all the MYNT users in your area and globally can help you find it. Each phone with the MYNT app installed can detect a MYNT device within 150 feet. We are still not sure on just how safe this is when attaching the device to children or pets but it is a nice feature if you just lost your car keys.

Last of all, the stand out feature of this device is its ability to pull double duty, not only is it an amazing tracking device but also serves as a portable shutter button to take great group photos with. You can also control certain streaming music services and even use it as a clicking device to be used during presentations.

MYNT have truly designed the best all in one Bluetooth device with MYNT. It features beautiful construction, great functionality and security all at an affordable price.

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