Archermen Air Fresheners and Soap

OK ladies, this one is for the men out there. If you are living the bachelor life with women, cars and cash and consider yourself a mans man with a burly chest and hair in the right places then the last thing you want is your home to smell like potpourri. No lavender or calendula here, you want a notable signature scent that tells everyone you meet that you are taking on the world. Archer have created the world’s first air fresheners and dish soap made for a real mans world.

Their Air Superiority range of air fresheners are unassumingly packaged in red, white, and black variants each with its own signature scent. You might even say the cans themselves look masculine. The first option is a European sports car scent which is a bold and confident scent that smells like worn leather, aftershave, and horsepower. Non-surprisingly, the Archer team have done an amazing job capturing a unique scent here. Second, is a classic distillery smell of charred ash, sour mash, and bourbon. To be honest, it smells like the inside of a late-night dive bar during last call and was not our favorite. Lastly, is the refined smell of a hunting lodge. If you can imagine the smell of timber mixed with a hint of gun powder, then you have an iconic smell that we just loved. It is a smell that says to others you are not to be messed with and it is awesome!

To correspond with the mood, you set in your home, you can’t have it clash with some blossoming flower, nose assaulting scent in your dish soap and Archer have thought of that too. Their Whiskey inspired soap is a formidable scent that is a welcome alternative to what is out there and genuinely smells like a barrel aged drop for those who like the finer things in life.

Archer encourages men to define their space with a signature scent and these are some great options for men.

Check them out at

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