Dish & Duer Performance Denim

Finding the right pair of jeans is hard. Every single company that specializes in denim seem to have a different idea of sizing, fit and feel. Sometimes they can fit but feel uncomfortable to wear, other times, they can feel comfortable but don’t quite fit right. Well, call off the search, the quest to find the ultimate pair of denim jeans has concluded in Dish and Duer’s performance denim.

What sets D&D apart from the rest of this crowded field is that they design and produce garments with extra attention to quality and longevity, so you can take home better products and buy fewer things, therefore, promoting sustainability by preventing the amount of waste that enters our landfills.

So, what is so different about their denim? All their performance denim is custom made with an exclusive blend of fibers that enhance the wearing experience while embracing the timeless essence of natural denim. Being 30% lighter and stronger than a traditional pair of jeans, this versatile material offers elastic stretch maneuverability, while integrated COOLMAX® technology evaporates moisture to provide temperature controlled comfort. Coupled with an innovative silver ion microbial protector, Silvadur™ which neutralizes odor-causing bacteria to deliver long-lasting freshness and superior comfort.

We were fortunate enough to be able to try a pair of their performance denim this past week and we can’t overstate this enough – these were simply the greatest pair of jeans to ever grace the lower half of our body. They literally felt as comfortable as wearing track pants. They had excellent stretch and movability while at the same time being tapered and not baggy – which is important. They looked as great as they felt too being able to be worn in a business casual setting. We received many compliments from our colleagues on look and design during our testing.

It’s not often that we find a good home grown Canadian company to really cast the spotlight on but undoubtedly Dish & Duer have set the bar high when it comes to denim fashion for both men and women and deserve your attention.

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