SafeSleeve – Anti-radiation case and stand for iPad mini 2/3/4

Many of us spend endless amounts of dollars on protective cases for our devices but when was the last time you asked yourself how does it protect me? SafeSleeve see the important role electronic devices play in our lives and want to protect users from harmful EMF radiation, while establishing the industry standard in quality, mobility, convenience, and style.

The Anti-Radiation case and stand for the iPad Mini exemplifies SafeSleeve’s mission to offer outstanding protection for both you and your device. The case itself is designed from PU leather and utilizes an adjustable angle stand and rotating swivel mount for improved convenience and ease of use, allowing you to operate the device in portrait mode as well. The iPad is fastened in the case with unique locking brackets and an elastic closure strap ensures the case doesn’t fly open in the event of a fall.

The big selling feature of this case is its front flap to protect you and your family from up to 99% of RF and ELF radiation. The cover is comprised of four separate layers of material, including a Lead-free anti radiation and RFID blocking material, giving added protection for your health and your security.

The SafeSleeve anti-radiation case and stand is a well made, stylish and functional case that offers good protection for your iPad and even better protection for your health and because of this is well worth the buy in our books.

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