Durden – Pheromone infused soap

Imagine a soap that when used can enhance your sexuality and masculinity and make you more desirable to prospective partners, that’s exactly what Grondyke Soap Company is promising with their Durden tactical soap.

Grondyke Soap Company is an all-natural soap company that creates products in much the same way a small-batch whiskey distillery or microbrewery does – the same craft, quality ingredient sourcing and attention to detail being applied to men’s’ grooming products. Their flagship formula named: Durden, is inspired by the character Tyler Durden from Fight Club is infused with proprietary bio-identical pheromone formulas. The DURDEN proprietary pheromone blend allegedly amplifies alpha status, masculinity, charisma, mischief, attractiveness, dominance without aggression.

We have reviewed a lot of products on this site and this is one of the first where we found the product hype to be more interesting than the product itself. At its heart, this is simply a bar of soap. It doesn’t smell any different, it seems to clean well but as to it’s claims about “amplifying our charisma and attractiveness” we are going to have to call bullsh*t on that one.

We used it extensively for 2 weeks and tested it on multiple female participants and simply put, they didn’t notice anything. As with many products that are all hype and no substance, you must buy into their claims and let your change in mental attitude be the real key to this equation.

A bar of soap does not make the man, the image you put out there – confidence, determination and more is what really matters. No overpriced hygiene product can change that.

Still, if you are curious, check it out for yourself at https://grondyke-soap-company.myshopify.com/


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