Amazfit Pace

Smartwatches! You are probably sick of hearing this term, thoughts of hundreds of dollars flying out of your wallet into the hands of greedy companies trying to make a quick buck by making something look pretty and not overly functional on your wrist? Right? Wrong! Amazfit wants to change the way you think about smartwatches with their version – the Pace, a watch that does all those things the thousand dollar smartwatches can do for just a fraction of the cost!

Let’s start with the design, it is important after all, you would expect this thing to look and feel cheap, No! This thing is one classy looking smartwatch. It has a dark ceramic bezel, LCD transflective touchscreen display and 22mm interchangeable bold red rubber strap. Oh, and its water and dust resistant. It kind of reminds us of another “sport branded” fruit watch.

Functionality wise, the Amazfit PACE, like most GPS watches, tracks your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, resting and active heart rate, and sleep patterns. It can also track your activities such as running, walking, running indoors and trail running. One thing we found particularly impressive is what the watch could track during one of those activities, everything from GPS location and distance of runs to elevations on trails, calories burned and of course your heart rate. Speaking of heart rate monitoring, this thing can even track anaerobic, aerobic, fat burning, non-workout, and sleep heart rate statistics!

To top it all off, you can even receive notifications from your cellular device on your watch! You can set what apps you want to notify you using their accompanying app and then simply swipe right to dismiss or swipe left to reply. Lastly, if you are like me and hate carrying your phone for music on your run, the Pace also includes about 2gb of usable storage to upload music directly to the device, easily sync some Bluetooth earphones and then go completely hands-free on your walk/run.

Did we mention that this costs under $200? If all of this hasn’t sold you, then throw in some customizable watch faces, an above average battery life and excellent reliability and you have a watch that can go toe to toe with the big dogs for only a few bills.

So, save yourself some cash, check out the Amazfit Pace and get a watch that does everything right!

Get your EXCLUSIVE Onecut price on the Pace here – Amazfit A1612R Pace Gps Running Smartwatch, Red Band – 5 Days Battery Life


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