Smart Planet – Milk and Cookie Shot maker

There is no better comfort food than the classic milk and cookie, it soothes the soul and brings back fond childhood memories of simpler nay perhaps better times. Smart Planet, want to take the milk and cookie to the next level by fusing them in to something special, the cookie shot!

Smart Planet are not new to innovation and have been in the game for almost 20 years, they are an industry leading innovator for novelty electrics, on the go food storage, meal prep, hydration & even automotive accessories. Their Cookie shot maker is a testament to this with it’s simple but effective design. Comprised of a simple silicone mold of a “shot glass”, you simply shape the cookie dough into the mold and bake. Also, included, is a chocolate melting station to line the inside of your shots with chocolate. Once the shots are prepared, simply pour in your favorite dairy beverage, and consume.

With the ability to make up to 6 shots at a time, this Frankenstein like blend of cookies, chocolate and milk is something of beauty. It was very easy to use (and clean) and before we knew it, 6 shots then 12 then 18 were polished off by our staff. They were simply disappearing faster than we could make them! If that is not enough of a glowing endorsement, I don’t know what is. Best of all, is that you can get all the tools needed to make your own for just $24.99!

If you are a fan of cookies and find your own happy place whilst dunking them in milk, then find true love with the Milk and Cookie shot maker.

You need this now! Get your exclusive ONECUT deal by clicking this link – Smart Planet CNB-1SM Milk and Cookie Shot Maker for 6 Cookies, Multicolor


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