Moov Now – Activity tracker

The problem with a lot of fitness trackers is that is they are gaudy, people become obsessed with them and you can look like a tool wearing it all the time. Moov, is a company after my own heart with their fitness tracker you only wear when you work out! Using 3D motion sensor technology, it tracks and analyses activity via a built-in coach that will literally kick your butt with words to get you moving.

At the brilliantly affordable price of $59.95 you sure do get a lot of bang for your buck. With nine axis Omni motion sensors, unlike rival trackers, the Moov Now can measure a wide range of motion. With the generated data helping to inform proper form and assist you increase the intensity of your workouts.

The Moov comes with two bands, one for your wrist and a longer one to be strapped around your ankle should you so desire, it has a soft rubber mesh exterior and it does look quite eye catching. A single LED light indicates when the Now is synchronized with your smartphone and yes you still need to be tethered to it but a bonus is that it is waterproof up to 30m and has 6-month battery life for you adventurists out there.

The Now tracks the usual plethora of activities including running, walking, cycling, swimming and features daily activity tracking and sleep tracking. The data is synchronized to the Moov app which is easy to use and intuitive with the typical activity feed and simple colored tabs for quick start activity tracking. You can also view activity by history and set your height and weight measurements with ease. Moov features a host of training plans designed to help you achieve goals and then uses a voice coach to affect your performance in real time. And in this regard, it’s the leader out of a handful of similar products.

Overall, we found the Now to be extremely accurate and offers more reliable data than other much more expensive activity trackers on the market. If you are someone that needs that voice chirping in your ear telling you you run faster, swim longer and cycle harder than the Moov Now is for you!

Get yours exclusively here – Moov Now – Aqua Blue – 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach – [NEW] Run Walk Swim Cycle Workout Cardio Boxing


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