Colonna coffee

Last month, we hung out hats on a brand of coffee maker that we thought brewed an exceptional cup of java. The search was over…or so we thought. However, that got us thinking, perhaps, we’ve been searching for the perfect cup of coffee in the wrong way. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not the brewer that makes the difference but rather the quality of the bean. Colonna want to disrupt the coffee market by bringing flavor and quality from the grind to your cup.

As with most coffee companies, an epiphany transformed the creators of Colonna while drinking the seemingly “perfect” cup of coffee while traveling. This fostered an obsession with learning and exploring everything coffee must offer. This search for perfection in brewing the perfect joe meant answering the call of coffee competitions and resulted in Maxwell, one of the creators, winning the UK title three times and three consecutive World Barista Championship finals appearances.

Colonna, specialize in designing coffee for the Nespresso coffee maker in capsule form which allows for greater control and measurement of the grind, oxygen-free production, and an incredible coffee flavor experience. Their capsules are available in 3 different genres – foundation, discovery and rare all with varied and distinctive flavor profiles determined by the location and type of bean grown and how it is harvested for production.

Our experience with Colonna coffee has been exceptional. They were even nice enough to send us a Nespresso machine to truly experience everything their coffee has to offer and admittedly we can never go back to another shall-remain-nameless coffee pod machine. Colonna have set a new bar when it comes to quality coffee. The flavour profile is rich, the taste is better than many others out there and one thing is obvious – a lot of science has gone into the creation of their pods because the quality of coffee that is brewed is near perfection.

Colonna are masters of the brew and have made us reconsider how real coffee should appeal to the senses. Both in pod or bean form (also available), we are so impressed by the quality of their product that we are awarding them the first ever One Cut Review product of the month award and deservingly so.

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