Bala Bangles

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Bala Bangles, wants to bring comfortable resistance to your workout, helping to burn fat and build muscle.

So, what are they? Used for yoga, running, hiking, or just hitting the gym; they are functional and more importantly comfortable weighted wrist bands that still allow a full range of motion and suitable resistance while exercising with the goal of increasing heart rate and caloric burn.

With convenience in mind, the advantage of the Bala Bangle is that unlike traditional dumbbells that build strength but otherwise restrict your hands, Bala Bangles are just a single pound each, the equivalent of a can of beans which strengthens hand and arm muscle groups over time and are accessible to all age groups.

Each bangle is made from a custom-molded cast-iron insert plus a medical-grade silicone skin that makes them resistant to sweat and are dishwasher safe. Lastly, a one-sized-fits-all elastic binding, to improve comfort, ergonomics, and prevent slippage.

These are the ultimate fitness multi-tool for those who travel a lot or just want something more convenient to help them build muscle.

Check out their project at –

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