Halo Sport

Frequent any gym nowadays and you will observe a sea of faces with earphones firmly placed in ears listening to curated playlists. We all do it, it is a proven fact that music is a good motivator, we are not disputing that as we write this review with great indie band The National playing. However, what if a pair of headphones, despite pumping out your jams, could accelerate your strength, skill, and explosiveness of your workout. Impossible? Halo Sport wants to take your workout to the next level through applying the science of Neurostimulation to athletic training.

Halo Sport essentially works through the process of what they call Neuropriming – pulses of energy are delivered to improve the brain’s response to training causing stronger, more direct connections to be formed between neurons and muscles, or in layman’s terms – strengthened neural drive. Through this process, Halo Sport places the brain’s motor cortex in a temporary state of “hyperplasticity,” or hyperlearning and when paired with athletic training, facilitates the development of stronger, more optimized neuromuscular output.

So how does it do it? Halo Sport looks like any other high-end Bluetooth headphone – sturdy, well made and sounds good. The only exception, is the inclusion of the proprietary foam primers in the band itself that deliver the stimulation to the cortex. Packaged in a convenient carry case, you simply wet and insert the primers, position the headphones accordingly over the motor cortex and give them a little guiding wiggle. You then simply pair them with your device, open the obligatory app and start a session. All of which was very simple and intuitive and don’t worry for you novices, instructions are very clear.

Users are encouraged to start their Neuropriming session during their warm-up and then transition to the hardest, highest-quality part of their training. The preliminary priming session only lasts for 20 minutes and the results can be felt up to an hour after the session. As with most training aids, for best results it is important to have high intensity, high quality workouts that are repetitive for best results. When primed, this leads to strengthened, more organized neuromuscular connections and a quicker commitment of new skills to muscle memory and better gains overall.

After using the Halo Sport this past month, there are some observations worth noting. The sensation when Neuropriming is a little intimidating or strange at first and feels slightly like a dull numbness on the surface of your head, but you easily get used to it. Secondly, we are surprised at how attentive and alert we are following a session, we feel more productive and ready to take on the world. Lastly, we were surprised how quickly we felt the affects of the science behind this product; within a one week period we found we made significant gains in our strength providing you use correct form – which is important always!

It also worth mentioning that Halo Sport builds on decades of academic research surrounding tDCS, TES, and other types of non-invasive brain stimulation. Over two thousand peer-reviewed papers speak to the efficacy, reliability, and safety of Halo Sport. Not to mention the thousands of hours of in-house studies and medical grade engineering that have gone in to this thing. So, put your fears to rest you are NOT going to fry your brain with this thing.

To conclude, Halo Sport is not some flash in the pan unproven tech product. To test the claims made by this product, the U.S Olympic Ski Team and athletes from the Michael Johnson Performance Center have been putting the Halo through it’s paces and the results have proven to be very promising. So, for those out there that are looking to take a more scientific approach to their training then you need to check out Halo Sport.

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