Zach’s Wing Sauce

Summer is all about sitting on the deck, drinking a cold beer, and eating some barbecue and what doesn’t go better with a cold frothy one than some delicious wings. The problem is, wings are a pain in the butt to do right. You want your wings to be flavorful, but, basting brushes are largely ineffective and burnt fingers are common place for us grill hounds. The folks over at Zach’s Wing Sauce have found the solution with their world first line of sprayable wing sauces.

Zach’s wing sauce not only makes applying the flavor to your wings easier, it is also more effective as there is less cleanup and waste and allows the person on the grill to apply just the right amount of marinade with ease. Their line of sauces are vegetarian, dairy and gluten free and unlike many others on the market are free from artificial additives and preservatives making these sauces better for you and taste great in our books.

Their line of 5 premium wing sauces are not only unique but also very flavorful and come packaged in a protective UV-sensitive classic beer bottle form with sprayer on top. Their five flavor variants include – Sweet heat: with a warm, cinnamon-tinged sweetness of raw clover honey, coupled with the unadulterated heat of fermented cayenne peppers. Siracha lime: an all-purpose condiment with the addition of jalapeño, garlic, and cumin undertones. Better buffalo: an all-American staple complete with cayenne peppers and real butter flavor. Chocolate chipotle: a smoky and sweet blend with chocolate overtones, hints of maple and melt-in-your-mouth flavor and lastly Mesquite heat: a unique combination of cayenne peppers, oregano, black pepper, and a goodly amount of paprika.

After trying Zach’s sauces, we must say that we are very impressed with the taste of all variants, however, in our books, Chocolate chipotle stands above the rest. It sounds like an unusual flavor combination but somehow it just works. Perhaps it is our obsession with chocolate that made us so enamored but adding some spice to it makes this flavor other worldly and very memorable.

So, the next time you fire up the grill, forget the prep and the mess and shoot some flavor on to your chicken with Zach’s Wing Sauce.

Get your exclusive 4 pack here – Zach’s Wing Sauce- Value 4 Pack


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