TDR Robin FPV Quadcopter

TDR are becoming a household name with their unique line of budget and premium remote-controlled flying vehicles otherwise known as drones. Their Robin model, has an integrated camera that allows users to capture FPV (First-Person View) 720P HD video.

The palm sized Robin quadcopter has a modular design leaving fewer exposed wires for more durability and better battery power. The built in 2MP camera can record aerial videos at HD 720p resolution and 1600×1200 JPEG photographs as well. A bonus is the 4.3” LCD FPV display/controller combination that features a 4-channel, 2.4 GHz transmitter (TX) that has a range of up to 230’(70m) for an immersive experience and real-time photos and video.

After using this product over the testing period, a few things make this quadcopter better than the rest in our eyes. Firstly, Robin features the ability to capture 360-degree video with its advanced orbit flight control providing a unique 3D experience. Secondly, the auto return mode is nothing short of brilliant. Here, the quadcopter essentially retraces its steps to its previous course of movement to find its way back to you. Lastly, it’s auto hover and ‘headless’ mode means that controlling the drone is much easier thanks to its ability to move backward or forward in any direction, guided by the 6-axis gyroscope which makes a world of difference for novice users.

TDR have a hit here with the Robin. It is the perfect remote controlled flying vehicle for users just starting out in this market. It has enough clever additions to make users feel comfortable with the device and know that there is room for trial and error while also taking some beautiful photo and video at the same time.

Buy your ROBIN here – TDR Robin 5.8G FPV with Built-in 4.3″ LCD and Pop-up Sunshade 2MP 720P HD Camera and 4G MicroSD RC Drone Quadcopter RTF


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