Wallet Buckle

We are always looking for more convenient ways to carry cards and cash without the need for a bulky wallet or man purse (murse). Here at One Cut we have tried every slim wallet imaginable and even dabbled in cell phone cases that hold cards but neither are convenient, really that usable, or even safe. We had thought all hope was lost until we found the Wallet Buckle.

Made popular by the TV show Shark Tank, the beauty of this product is in its simplicity. Why weigh down your pockets even more with a wallet when you already have your car keys and cellphone taking up valuable real estate? The Wallet Buckle, takes all the great things about your wallet and conceals them in a stylish belt buckle.

The buckle itself can carry four cards at a time and the left side is tapered to “pinch the cards” and prevent them from falling out. It holds your valuables very securely and most importantly is out of sight, something that always bothered us with cellphone case wallets. Best of all, there are a variety of different buckle styles to choose from for both men and women and is the perfect companion for a night out, sporting events and the such where valuables can easily get lost.

One additional positive of the Wallet Buckle is simply the quality of construction. It doesn’t feel cheap and expendable, in fact, the staff in our offices really liked that it was stylish, functional, and felt sturdy – something we all agreed is necessary in an item that will carry your ID, credit cards and more. With the ability to customize your own buckle, the folks at Wallet Buckle have a winner on their hands with this one which is proven by their numerous followers across many social media platforms.

If you want to free your pockets or your handbag then you too need the Wallet Buckle. Check them out at http://www.walletbuckle.com OR get this great deal here – Wallet Buckle ChalkBoard Wallet Buckle One Size Gun Metal


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