Lifepack: Solar Powered & Anti-Theft Backpack

Increasingly we find ourselves carrying more “stuff”, from cellphones to Bluetooth speakers, these things seem to take up valuable space and clutter our backpacks. Couple this with laptops, portable battery chargers, water bottles, rain jackets the list goes on and on. In this modern world we live in, it is important that what you carry your goods is not only safe but also has some added features to make life easier, enter the Lifepack.

The Lifepack which started in the worlds of Kickstarter and Indiegogo was very successful in raising funding and there is good reason – Lifepack wants to help you pack your ‘life’ into one convenient carry-all. Comprised of 10 awesome features we think every backpack should have, this backpack has changed the way we at One Cut operate while mobile. We are going to start with our favorite feature first, the Lifepack has a built in solarbank with USB charger. What does that mean? This freaking thing can collect the sun’s Summery rays and converts it into stone cold energy to recharge your favorite devices, no more hefty power banks. A big check-mark in our books. Do you carry a Bluetooth speaker around? It has that too! Powered by the solarbank itself, you can play your favorite tunes right out of the Lifepack itself.

Hang on, don’t throw your money at the computer yet! It gets better. With all these great features, how do you keep your bag and your stuff safe? Lifepack has an integrated locking system, that allows you to fasten your zippers closed and even fasten the bag itself to any non-movable device, like a bike lock. The folks at Lifepack didn’t just stop there, ever needed a bottle opener on the go? The lock fastener also acts as a bottle opener so you can open those “soda” bottles on the go.

OK, gimmicks aside, how is it as a bag? The Lifepack, performed exceptionally well in our testing with what they call their life zone and work zone sections of the bag which includes things like drop-protected compartments to protect laptops and other valuables, a nifty key hook, a protected pocket for sunglasses and enough partitions inside to really carry what matters. We also appreciated the four hidden pockets for the goods you perhaps don’t want on display all the time and the bonus weather resistant construction.

We have been so impressed by the Lifepack, that we have been using it as our go to bag for when we are on the road and need to be productive, so much so that we would feel lost without it. The solar charger is a god-send and the ability to play some music and have my bag be secured and not attached at my hip is innovation at its finest.

So, don’t hesitate, get yours before they are gone.

BUY yours here – Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack with laptop storage


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