Reductivist Ringtool

The folks over at Reductivist have created what could be one of the best emergency multi-tools one can have on a key chain with the Ringtool, a device that can not only open your beer but apply some torque to turn a screw as well.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, Reductivist have taken a new approach to design by balancing form, function, and experience that includes products that are not only affordable but authentic, timeless, and functional too.

Their Ringtool, is created from nickel plated stainless steel and can be used for everything from adjusting snowboard bindings to assembling furniture. It comes with a reassuring lifetime warranty and includes many screw driver and wrench attachments assembled in a circular, ring like pattern. It is also suitably light and easy enough to be attached to any set of keys or fastened to a backpack and forgotten about till when it is needed most.

The Ringtool is one of few products that we believe everyone must have, it is a convenient set of tools to have at a moment notice and would be very useful in many modern-day situations and even those that may involve survival.

BUY yours here – Reductivist Ringtool Silver


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