Search and State S1-J Riding Jacket

In the world of athletic performance wear, it is often a hit or miss situation when it comes to finding quality products worth your hard-earned cash. Search and State, a Manhattan based start-up want to change all that with their line of performance and lifestyle apparel that gets the important things right – attention to quality, fit, styling, and luxury performance fabrics.

With a focus on riding apparel (given New York’s love for getting around on 2 wheels), their S1-J Riding Jacket is proof of their commitment to producing quality products for those that need to move. What they are calling “arguably the best riding jacket”, it is a refined and breathable all-weather jacket that is not only light but provides some excellent breathability.

Made from Schoeller C-Change Fabric with its bionic climate membrane, the jacket itself adapts to the climate the rider is exposed to. The membrane will open or close based on the amount of heat/cold and with its incredible water-resistant properties, it will always keep you dry and cool. The inclusion of the Riri military-grade injection-molded aquazip, also provides excellent durability.

Everyone knows that cycling gear is always cut close for better movement and wind resistance but our only criticism is that we found the jacket to be cut a little too snug for our liking. While the length was perfect we found ourselves feeling a little bit like being stuffed in a sausage casing at times and this was a little odd given we are no strangers to cycling gear. We will say that the jacket itself though does work well at providing all types of atmospheric protection though and provided some excellent air flow to regulate body temperature.

If you are serious about cycling performance gear then you should look no further than Search and State, their products are well made and catered especially to the two-wheel warrior out there.

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