SWIMS Barry Chukka

With Fall around the corner, a staple fashion accessory for these colder months is a good pair of boots that won’t succumb to rain, sleet, or snow. The Barry Chukka by SWIMS checks all the right boxes with a timeless modern design that can go toe to toe with mother nature.

SWIMS started in Oslo, Norway where they breathed new life into the utilitarian galosh common to the people of their home country. Typically, Norwegian footwear is known to be particularly functional and must adapt to the highly contrasting seasons they face at home. They are famous for fearlessly adapting between the heaviest winter months to the ‘warm’ summer months on the fjord, therefore require ultimate versatility and functionality.

This adaptability is fully realized in their Barry Chukka, a modern and stylish boot that is constructed from premium Nubuck leather that is fully waterproof, that’s right – waterproof leather! This classic footwear style has been reinterpreted in the clean SWIMS design we all know and love and features innovative design language and comfortable lightweight materials ensuring you look your best while staying warm and dry.

We are big fans of this classic mid-cut because of its water-resistant properties but also because it is flexible, lightweight, anti-shock and breathable – all uncommon to a Fall/Winter boot. Gone are the days of unwieldy, clumsy, and heavy boots because SWIMS yet again have helped us re-imagine what comfortable and stylish footwear should be. In fact, over our three-week testing period, a number our staff made positive comments about not only the style but more importantly the comfort of the boot, some claiming that it was the most lightweight and wearable boot they had ever worn!

So, if you need a hardy, lightweight yet stylish REAL leather boot that won’t be damaged by the rain or the snow, then you should look no further than the Barry Chukka by SWIMS.

BUY yours here – Swims Barry Chukka Boot, Black, 12


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