Nomad cases for iPhone X and 8/8 Plus

Nomad, have been making make premium accessories for smartphones for some time now and have become a household name when it comes to protecting your device. With the release of the new iPhone 8 and 10 series phones, the need to protect your new investment is paramount and nothing could be more of a testament to the quality of their products than with their line of rugged and genuine leather cases for the new iPhone.

Built on the vision of creating minimalist, modern and practical tools for the modern nomad, the company wants you to enjoy your devices as they accompany you on your journey through life. Their new iPhone 8/8 plus clear case provides a modern yet classy take on protecting your cellphone. Made of high grade polycarbonate, fused to a rubber TPE bumper, the case provides exceptional 6 feet drop protection and a raised edge to protect the screen. The clever half and half visual approach provides a clear top half window to see the Apple logo and likely assist with wireless charging, while the bottom half features a beautiful piece of genuine Horween leather to add some grip and class to the case. We also really enjoyed the soft microfiber lining on the inside of the case which offers some protection to the new glass back of the phone.

With the release of the iPhone X on November 3rd, Nomad too have stepped up their game with a line of very stylish options to protect this pricey piece of technology. Their clear folio case has classic flip cover styling and features similar design language to their clear case. The outer flap is made of genuine Horween leather and features 3 card slots and 1 cash pocket on the inside. This is attached to a similar Ultra clear polycarbonate shell that provides excellent lay on the table and drop protection. One thing we really loved about the clear folio case was its understated elegance; it looks and feels premium and is a great accompaniment to such a revolutionary redesign of Apple’s top of the line phone. Nomad also offers a complete leather folio option and a more utilitarian rugged case for those seeking different style choices for their devices.

It is rare that a company continues to build on their reputation of making superior products without a misstep, but Nomad has managed to do this. Their products are of high quality, made from premium materials but best of all protect our devices while adding some sophistication and this will always get a recommendation in our books.

BUY your clear case for iPhone 8 here – Clear Case iPhone 8 Plus Brown

BUY your folio case for iPhone X here – Leather Folio Clear iPhone X Brown

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