Blockhead by Tenonedesign

One thing that drives us mad about Apple products (besides their cost) is the amount of real estate their chargers take up on the wall, you are simply unable to plug it in confined spaces as it juts out an inch or two. Tenonedesign, want to make your life easier with Blockhead, an adapter that snaps on to your existing Apple charger, allowing it to sit flat against the wall.

Tenonedesign are a group of entrepreneurs that pursue and develop one or two clever products a year and Blockhead aims to solve one of the fundamental flaws in Apple’s external hardware, the ability to make your charger side facing and flush with the wall. Their small adapter simply plugs in to your existing charger and allows users to redirect the direction you can plug your device into an outlet.

The advantage of this, is the ability for your charger to fit into more confined spaces as it directs your cord downward along the wall at a more natural angle and protects against cord stress. This also brings the center of mass closer to the wall and prevents the plug from accidentally slipping out. Best of all, the plugs are compatible with everything from MacBook’s to iPhone charging cubes.

We have been quite impressed with the ingenuity of such a simple product. It has left us wondering – “why didn’t we think of that”, and that is exactly the merit of the Blockhead, it solves such a fundamentally simple problem that we often overlook when we shouldn’t have to.

So, if you are frustrated with your inability to charge your device in outlets that are confined by furniture or architectural design, you need Blockhead, so it can fit in more spaces than ever before!

Get yours at

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