Popuband – Smart Ukulele

If you have ever dreamt of playing a stringed instrument, the populele is a great starting point. It is a smart device that teaches you how to play your favorite songs using their unique light up fret board system and companion app.

The way it works is quite ingenious, you simply select the chord you would like to learn to play form their intuitive app and where you would place your fingers lights up on the neck of the instrument, this allows novice users to visualize where chords are located and hence facilitate the learning process.

The app also provides users with the ability to not only learn how to tune their instrument correctly but also the ability to browse through a vast music library of popular songs to learn and even has a very cool game mode where you can get instant feedback on playing form. Think guitar hero with a Uke.

One thing that really impressed us about the Populele was the stunning build quality, one may think a learning instrument to be more of a child’s toy than a full blown musical tool, but that is simply not the case. This thing has a premium build with a European Maple construction, Italian Aquila strings and a Spruce sound board. Also, impressive, is the embedded technology, with integrated circuit LED lights that light up the entire device and a reliable Bluetooth module for easy sync and play.

After using the device this past month, it is fair to say this is an exceptional learning tool for all ages and for anyone that loves music or wants to rekindle an old passion. The set-up process was a breeze and their app is brilliantly simple, interactive, and best of all engaging. We found ourselves spending many an hour wanting to perfect our playing and as a result, have had no trouble learning our favorite songs and serenading the office.

At just $159, this is the ideal Christmas gift for those who can hold a tune or just want to master the ‘devil’s guitar’.

Get yours at http://www.popuband.com

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