iKeyp Pro Smart Safe

When we think of everyday objects that needed to be made ‘smarter’, we are kind of surprised it has taken this long for the classic safe to be bought into the 21st century. In fact, it makes a lot of sense for this kind of product to have real time notifications and reminders when it comes to protecting our most valuable possessions. The folks at iKeyp, have created the first personal smart safe for everyday piece of mind.

For most of us, our most valued belongings are usually stashed in the bottom of a sock drawer, between the mattresses or somewhere we think a person will “never” find them. However, some items need to be safely and smartly stored to not only protect our privacy in this digital world but also allow convenient access and enhanced security. The iKeyp Pro offers all the features of a regular safe but with some modern day technological improvements.

The first and arguably the best feature of the iKeyp Pro is the 24/7 security monitoring. Using their proprietary app, users receive real-time tampering and/or audible notifications when someone is trying to access the safe and it works very well. In the same breath, users can also remotely open their safe, even when they are not home. This is particularly useful for say those in assisted living that need to have their medication intake monitored at certain times of the day.

The build quality of the safe is also exceptional, it’s moisture lock seal ensures valuables like passports and jewellery stay dry and safe. The installation was also pain free with a patented expandable wing system that fastens and holds the iKeyp Pro firmly in place, even suspended in a ceiling or crawlspace. Best of all, the convenient keypad or key alternative opening method, means that even if you lose your cellphone, you can easily access your valuables.

The iKeyp Pro offers everything one needs to keep prying eyes and hands off what matters the most and in a world where privacy matters and security is paramount, there simply is no other option.

BUY yours here – iKeyp Pro Smart Safe

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