Neuroservo – Rehabilitate your attention!

It must be hard nowadays for children, with so many attention seeking stimulants like smartphones and social media constantly vying for their consideration. As a result, we see many young people disconnected from the real world and this causes obvious problems when it comes to their learning and development. Neuroservo, is a world first attention rehabilitation tool that teaches these young minds how to regain control over their focus.

Aesthetically the device is a cap with a strategically positioned visual indicator (LED) which in turn acts as a guide indicating your attention level. The varying color and intensity indicates current brain state, enabling your brain to be directed to your state of attention or relaxation. To get results, the hat measures tiny electrical activity by neurons in the brain using a proprietary embedded algorithm, NeuroServo then acts as a real-time monitor – collecting, analyzing, and processing key brainwaves patterns and visualizes them in a light pattern form.

As a result, the philosophy of the Neuroservo is to – help people better control their attention and improve their personal development. Clearly, with the Neuroservo you get what you put into it, or simply put, the more you are made aware of your attention and focus, the more your brain discovers how to manage attention.

After using the device this past month, we do agree that this device’s claims are somewhat accurate. It does seem to register brain activity using the proprietary LED indicator, working on a spectrum of red being focused, blue being relaxed and purple being normal. As far as enabling your brain to be directed to the desired state of attention or relaxation, we will have to say the jury is out on that one. In the long term, it does make you aware of your attention and perhaps, given more time, can train the brain to change those behaviors that are not good for ones own personal development. Our only other criticism is that we wished the hat was more stylish as the gray color scheme is stark and fear that because of that, some may not want to wear it.

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