OVAL – Smart Sensor!

In our increasingly connected data driven homes, it is not uncommon for us to monitor those things that take place in our households remotely, like motion for an alarm system or temperature with a thermostat. However, with different sensory hardware means a confusing network of wires, installs and accompanying apps, but what if, there was one sensor that could do it all? What some are calling a ‘smarter’ sensor, has come to fruition in: Oval.

Designed to protect the people and things you care about most, the Oval sensor is a very compact and lightweight piece of hardware that can adhere itself to pretty much anything and notify you by text, call or email when it detects motion, flood, light, proximity, temperature and/or moisture. That’s right, it can detect them all!

OVAL requires no installation or assembly making it a perfect solution for those new to smart sensors or those, like renters, who can’t implement solutions requiring home integration. The Oval gateway simply connects to your router or modem via Ethernet with sensors being able to be placed within a massive 150ft of home base. Best of all, they are wireless, battery powered and managed very easily from the proprietary app.

After using the product over the month of December, there is a lot to like about it. We especially enjoyed the very easy install process, which literally took less than 10 minutes. We appreciated that each sensor is multi-functional and can monitor one or all the parameters at one time and the alerts were instantaneous with users having the ability to determine who will receive them, which was very effective when we went on our Christmas sabbatical.

The Oval has re-imagined for us what a smart home and or office can function like when a clever and well-designed product with an intuitive app is running the show. Oval’s smart sensor is the perfect way for us to swing back into the new year and we are excited to see what products will turn our heads in 2018.

Get yours at http://www.meetoval.com

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