Caudabe iPhone X Case Lineup

Enough has been said about the iPhone X being one of the more fragile smartphones to hit the market in 2017. As a result, flocks of people went and bought the biggest, thickest, and allegedly the most protective cases they could find to cover up their new phone and ruin the pocket-ability of what is a great device! At Caudabe, they take a different approach, in the pursuit of minimalist perfection they design cases that combine sleek, minimalist design with smart functionality.

You have probably heard the name Caudabe before, they fashioned the extremely slim and well received Veil XT cases for a few generations of iPhone now. With the iPhone X, they have added to their range of cases with some new offerings that provide an excellent user experience and strike the perfect balance between form and protection.

The Sheath is one of their newest offerings with a classic minimalist design that still offers some shock absorption thanks to its unique Shocklite flexible polymer construction. This jack of all trades type of case comes in three colors – black, blue, and red and is drop rated for up to 6 feet. This case reminds us a lot of the Spigen Rugged Armor case but with a much better fit around the iPhone which we liked.

The Lucid clear is for those that want to really show the beauty of the new iPhone. Made from the same impact resistant thermoplastic polymer used in bulletproof glass, this crystal-clear case is quite the looker but as with most clear cases attracts unsightly fingerprints very easily and ruins the aesthetic.

For those seeking a more rugged approach but still with a slim profile, The Synthesis, may be the way to go. With a massive 10ft drop protection rating, this one combined the best features of both cases mentioned previously with its hard, micro etched clear back shell surrounded by the protection of a flexible Shocklite perimeter polymer. In our books, this one here is the clear winner. It still allows users to let the design motif of the iPhone shine while taking away the concern of what happens if they drop it.

Caudabe, really has impressed us with the attention to detail when it comes to their iPhone cases. They not only provide a decent amount of protection but also maintain a slim profile, something that is not easy to do well in the smartphone accessories’ market. Their inexpensive line of cases is the perfect accompaniment for your new device.

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