California Cowboy Clothing

Are you sick of swiping to meet new people? Do you miss ‘real’ face to face communication? We do too! California Cowboy want to clothe you in what they call their style weapons so that you can bring your own unique blend of fun and social bravery into conversations and get to know new people the right way.

California Cowboy’s quite apt motto of innovative design for the social frontier is a good way to describe their line of men’s and women’s clothing. They create clothing that is for the extroverted, the conversation starters; for those that are not afraid to get people talking. We were given the opportunity to try their Waygu fleece hoodie and their classic High Sierra shirt.

Built using luxury fibers from Japan and Portugal, the button-down shirt features a cotton lined inner thermal modal to keep you warm on the slopes. What makes the High Sierra so appealing besides its modern design is the inclusion of a reinforced bottle pocket to safely store your favorite brew and a water resistant dry pocket for safe tech. storage. If that doesn’t sell you, its also worth mentioning the very clever glove and sun-glass loops and even the included beer koozie and bottle opener. This shirt will keep you warm and look good doing it.

The Waygu fleece shawl is a different affair, perfect for winding down after those long days living the good life. Made from a super luxurious bamboo and spandex blend, the shawl looks and feels great. The weight is perfect and can be worn over just a t-shirt and even features a clever cellphone pocket on the lower back side of the hoodie, now that’s real hands free calling. We were big fans of this design, it was perfect for winding down by the fire with some good food, good friends, music and of course s’mores.

With many different stylings available, including the very funky High-Water line of patterned short sleeve dress downs, their offerings look and feel premium. They allow the consumer to express their originality and flare and let others take notice and there is nothing wrong with that.

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