Zerolemon 4000mah iPhone X Case

With how much we do on smartphones nowadays, battery anxiety is never far from our minds. Unfortunately, most cellular devices don’t really have longevity in the battery department on particularly heavy use days. Zerolemon, want to help you power through the day and whatever life throws at you with their line of battery cases for most major smartphone brands.

With their 100% Guarantee to make sure that you have no lemon whatsoever; the company was created by a handful of smartphone enthusiasts who wanted more power with their phones. In fact, they were the creators of the first Tri-cell battery design that led to the world’s highest capacity battery. With the release of the iPhone X, they have again created the perfect blend of case and battery pack with the ability to remotely charge the iPhone completely to 100% without the need for any cables.

The powerful 4000mah Li-Polymer extended battery is built into a matte case that you simply slide your phone into. It’s ultra-slim design fully encases the phone and offers a decent amount of protection from scrapes and bumps and when you need to charge the phone you simply push and hold the charge button on the back. The Apple certified connector that the phone is cradled on within the case then proceeds to charge the phone. When you are done, you simply charge the case with the included USB-C cable included.

There are many reasons to invest in a case such as this. First and foremost is Zerolemon’s reputation in this space. They have long established themselves as a producer of quality battery cases. Also, of note, is the added battery power the case provides, essentially almost tripling your phone’s run time. Thirdly, the design carefully redirects the rear speaker sound from downward facing to front facing, making a huge difference when consuming content.

The case though is not without its caveats, there is no wireless charging available on this version and despite being well constructed the case adds considerable heft and length to the otherwise slim silhouette of the device. However, if that doesn’t bother you, this is the perfect addition for those always connected smartphone warriors out there.

BUY yours here – iPhone X Battery Charging Case, ZeroLemon iPhone X 4000mAh Slim Juicer Extended Battery Rechargeable Case for iPhone X [Apple Certified Connector]-Black


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