Wiplabs – Slope: Smartphone and Tablet Stand

Finding the best smartphone and tablet stand solution is not an easy task. Often, they are too big, too bulky, or just poorly made to truly reassure you that your device won’t come crashing to the ground. The team at Wiplabs, have created an elegant solution with their unique universal patented design thanks to nothing else but a micro suction pad.

Wiplabs are not new to innovation, in fact their online only store is a one stop shop for unique and successfully crowdfunded gadgets that are available to buy now. One of their newest additions – Slope – is a beautiful brushed & anodized all aluminium universal table stand that can accommodate smartphones and tablets up to 12 inches.

What makes the Slope so ingenious is the attachmentäóîmicroscopic suction pad that is comprised of a unique foam with thousands of microscopic air pockets that act like tiny suction cups. When mounting your device, it forces the air out of these pockets creating a strong vacuum like grip.

We will admit, at first, we were skeptical about just how sturdy the Slope was but after using it this past 2 months, we have been pleasantly surprised by the build and quality of materials used. The brushed aluminum base is a very unassuming design choice that has a clean and modern aesthetic and fits in most decors. However, the real winner though, is that suction pad. It works VERY well! You simply place the flat back of your device against the pad and its secure. Now, for those of you worrying that you will need Superman like strength to release your device, don’t panic, it removes very easily and best of all if the pad gets dirty and loses its suction, it is cleaned very easily with water.

Wiplabs, have a winner on their hands with Slope, it flawlessly secures your tablet or smartphone to the stand and allows users to be truly hands-free in the kitchen, office, or bedroom and simply get more done.

BUY yous here – SLOPE – Patented Tablet Stand by wiplabs, Premium Micro-Suction iPad Stand Holder Dock for New iPad Pro and all tablets or E-Reader up to 10.5 inches with flat back – Silver


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