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People often neglect what impact our vehicles have on the environment, in fact, did you know that transportation accounts for 14% of total greenhouse gas emissions worldwide? The reality, for most of us, is that cars are what we are accustomed to and that is why we keep using them. They provide comfort and convenience. However, often, we just need to simply get from point A to B and now you can without the hassle of fighting traffic on the roads. While scooters used to only be reserved for the elderly or little Italian men, one company want to change the way we get around with their all electric zero emission scooter, that company is – Phat Scooters.

With the simplicity of the daily commute in mind, Phat Scooters are a smarter choice for those who want to have more fun and less headaches on the road. Their modern take on the classic scooter comes in the form of a completely silent, fully electric beast on two wheels. Their original and sport models offer two different ways to improve your drive – no more paying for gas and the freedom to park wherever you damn please.

With it’s premium build and modern design, the powerful 1200-watt motor sits flush under the deck and has a top speed of 20 miles per hour, a far stretch from other scooters in the market. Their unique 3 different drive modes and brilliant drive/battery mode indicator, offers users the ability to set the pace of their commute. There is a beach mode (8 mph) that allows for the casual Sunday afternoon cruise to the beach or corner store. There is also a Golf mode (13mph) which is the same speed as a conventional golf cart and many Phat Scooter users will use their ride to zip around the golf course (and yes, they do sell a golf bag attachment). Lastly, there is Bike mode (20mph) which is the top speed of the scooter and offers a zippy cruise around main roads and up hills without holding up traffic.

Speaking of the build, the scooter also features premium EABS hydraulic brakes and a 1-piece welded handlebar assembly for better control and safety. The 72V battery also allows users to the convenience of a driving range of approximately 30-50 miles on a single charge, which we found to be very accurate in our testing and once the battery is depleted, charging is best done overnight and takes approximately 4-6 hours on average. By far though, our favorite feature is the spring-loaded kickstand. The simplicity of simply being able to lock it down when you need to stop and then rock it forward to take off and go is simply brilliant.

Other notable mentions on the Phat Scooter include the brilliant “phat” 18-inch tubeless tires which offer great balance and durability and an all steel frame that allows the bike to have a maximum weight capacity of 440 pounds. Lastly, for those that want to drive at night, a powerful ultra-bright LED headlight will light up the darkest of roads.

Phat Scooters also offers users the ability to customise a lot of their ride including the color of the steel frame, fenders, and battery capacity. Their unique accessories also include cup holders, baskets, speakers, custom decks and more making this the ultimate riders dream.

After zipping around in their original scooter this past month, we will admit that this is a brilliant piece of engineering. The assembly was very easy (aided by informative videos on their website), charging could not be easier, and the overall ride is smooth, zippy, and best of all good for the environment. It is not without it’s drawbacks, well mostly, Toronto’s unpredictable Winter/Spring weather but that has nothing to do with the ride itself.

The team at Phat Scooters have been more than accommodating and have a great support team backing this product. They offer consumers every opportunity to get their hands on their own scooter even offering ride now, pay later financing option. We respect companies that go that extra mile and remember that the consumer comes first and because of that we are awarding Phat Scooters the One Cut Product of the Month award.

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  1. Spencer Heninger says:

    Warning…Do not spend the money on the Phat Scooter! As an owner, and I bought the best model they have, our experience has been that these have no better battery life or system than anything out there. They spend a lot of money promoting these, and not so much in the actual product. I recommend buying a less expensive scooter so that when the battery or charger goes out, you can use the money you saved to buy something else. Cheers.


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