Ezviz Husky Outdoor Camera

With all the attention that connected cameras are getting as companies fight to make their way into your home, we often forget that the first point of entry for a would-be intruder is outside. The need to monitor the external of your home is something that Ezviz take seriously and they want to make smart home monitoring even easier with their full-HD Husky outdoor camera.

Ezviz, are no rookies in the home security game, offering many wired and wireless options with the simple philosophy that you should always be able to feel at home in the palm of your hand. Their latest offering, provides a 24/7 weatherproof means to secure your home. The IP66 rating means that the camera itself can withstand the elements and extreme temperatures and with its unique High Definition wide angle lens, you can capture video in crystal clear detail. This is helped even more by the inclusion of a very effective night vision mode.

The Husky takes it one step further with 120DB HDR recording which provides better color and light balance versus their competitors and leads to an even better visual of your home. The presence of a Micro SD card slot is another clever addition and offers more piece of mind when it comes to storing your recorded events safely with its maximum 128GB capacity. Another option available is Ezviz’s own cloud storage for a small fee.

The ability to view the camera on multi-platforms is also very useful, we had no problems switching between our iPhone and iPad and this is helped even more by the brilliant Ezviz app. When it comes to the many Wi-Fi enabled cameras we have tested this past 6 months, this app is by far one of the simplest and the best. It is very intuitive and super simple to set up and the ability to add additional devices could not be simpler. A very cool feature is the ability to view all the recorded events in a daily recap which condenses footage into no less than a few seconds for an easy overview. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the real time alerts work well but we did occasionally get a few false positives with events, mostly due to shadow movement.

If you are serious about your home and your families’ security, then look no further than the Husky by Ezviz.

BUY yours here – EZVIZ Husky Outdoor HD 1080p PoE & Wi-Fi Wireless Video Security Bullet Camera, Works with Alexa, 100 ft. Night Vision, Weatherproof, 16GB Micro SD Included (WiFi Connectivity – 2.4Ghz Only)


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