Nomad Wireless Charging Hub

Every company has their own means of powering up your devices and this is not very convenient. Tables are often littered with cables, ports, charging bricks and now with the rise of wireless charging, again we find these companies taking up even more of our precious real estate with a charging pad. When does the madness stop? The team at Nomad want to simplify this process, with their brand new wireless multi port USB charging hub.

Built on the vision of creating minimalist, modern and practical tools for the modern nomad, the company wants you to enjoy your devices as they accompany your life and not seek to rule it. Their wireless charging hub is a testament to this philosophy with its brilliant sleek design and capacity to charge 5 different devices simultaneously. A soft rubber wireless charging pad forms the top of the circular structure while four additional USB-A and C ports are located underneath.

They accomplish this feat with its unique cable routing passage located underneath the pad. The additional molded steel bars give the hub rigidity while the rubber coated bottom stops it from sliding unexpectedly on a hard surface. There are also some very clever ambient LED indicators to alert users when a device is charged and additionally the lights will dim when a room goes dark. Something we appreciated as we charge most of our devices in the evening.

Speaking of charging, the four port USB hub located beneath the device also offers different outputs depending on the power needs of your electronics. You have a 3.0A USB-C fast charging port, an additional 2.1A USB-A port for a non-wireless charging tablets or smartphones. Lastly, two 1A USB-A ports for smaller low powered devices. This is all coupled with a generous 1.2m cable for the wall power source. One thing we respect about this configuration is that you can select the appropriate power needed for your device and therefore maintaining better battery health for your devices overall, this was carefully considered by Nomad and a welcome addition to this premium device.

The Wireless charging hub by Nomad wants to consolidate all your charging needs into one simple and well-made device. It works to keep cord clutter to a minimum and helps you organize your office or home space into something more manageable and human friendly and for that, we recommend checking this out.

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