BOLDR Slim Wallet 2.0

Urban Adventure brand BOLDR, pride themselves on making products for consumers that live an active lifestyle and fight to survive daily in the urban jungle. With an emphasis on function and form, their new Slim Wallet 2.0 wants to solve a problem that many men around the world suffer from, the dreaded pocket bulge.

As a lifestyle brand, BOLDR believes in all of their products bringing you the confidence to start your new adventure and for many of us that live in this respective jungle, our pockets are normally consumed firstly by a cellphone and secondly by a wallet. Their redesigned Slim Wallet aims to provide users with the ability to slim down their wallet yet still offer enough versatility to carry what you truly need.

Designed from beautiful and soft Premium calf leather, the unique proprietary design allows the storage of up to 9 cards and cash but retains a super slim structure thanks to the quick access pull tab in the center of the wallet. The tab when pulled will simply lift the cards stored in this section for you to select from and the tab will retract when the cards are pushed back down.
Another notable and often neglected feature in men’s wallets is RFID protection, which is designed to help insulate you from a very particular brand of electronic pick pocketing and subsequent identity theft, called RFID skimming.

After using the wallet extensively over the past 2 months, it is remarkable how much storage you can squeeze out of this impossibly thin and very pocket-able card and cash holder. This is not only a well-made and robust choice for consumers but we are also big fans of the pull tab as it makes it very convenient to store away those lesser used cards until you really need them, except this is nothing new in this space. The welcome addition of RFID protection really brings this offering from BOLDR into the premium category as many companies are still playing catch up with this technology threat.

At the end of the day, the BOLDR Slim Wallet 2.0 does in fact solve that age-old problem of cumbersome bulky wallets stretching out your pant pockets. It is so svelte, we often forgot it was in there at all and anything that lightens up our carrying load is OK with us.

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