Glowstone – Smart Heated Mug

Do you hate it when your morning coffee gets cold while you are racing around the house trying to get ready for the day? Us too! In fact, if your coffee should be anything than scalding hot than Glowsone’s new heated smart mug is for you.

The creator of Glowstone, believes in a simple philosophy – that advances in smart and connected technology should optimize our experiences with everyday products to make life more convenient for everyone. This, ironically, sums up exactly what their Smart Mug is, a reimagining of a classic houseware product, but that is not a bad thing!

The mug itself is designed from beautiful fine bone China which enhances thermal temperature regulation, while the base of the mug, powered by their own patented Glowstone Core Technology, self-regulates temperature control by inducing a convection current and heating the liquid evenly. Once the liquid cools to optimum drinking temperature which is approximately 60°C to 65°C, the mug will activate and maintain this temperature for approximately an one extra hour. To charge the mug, you simply use the included and very stylish Wireless Chi charging coaster plugged into any standard USB port, perfect for hooking it up to your laptop in the office!

One thing we really appreciated about the Glowstone Smart mug was not only the brilliant warm glow the mug radiated while on but also the auto switch off at last sip functionality. We are not sure what black magic technology was used here but it works incredibly well and also helps to preserve battery. It is also worth mentioning at this juncture that the mug is also completely dishwasher safe for cleaning.

Our only caveat with this device is its size, while it can carry a rather conventional 370ml of liquid, for those of you that prefer a larger cup of java in the morning, this may not cut it. For future iterations, we do hope they give us the option of a larger size, perhaps even a smart travel mug?

To sum up, why should we have to settle for beverages that are any less than luke warm in 2018? To answer it bluntly, we shouldn’t and neither should you.

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