Kygo Life A9/600 Bluetooth Headphones

Ponder this thought for a moment…what if a lifestyle brand decided to turn its attention to the tech. world and start designing products that embody their design motif? Kygo Life – are that brand – a brand built using innovative and ethical Scandinavian design with a desire to connect people on a personal and emotional level with their products and this philosophy could not be more evident than with their A9/600 quality Bluetooth Headphones.

Named after the piano chord A9, these Bluetooth Headphones deliver a modern yet functional design with a massive 23 hours of uninterrupted music playback and a sound quality that is crisp. They are able to deliver such promising function thanks in part to a premium, some may even say, classy design including ultra-soft memory foam ear cushions and headband and an incredible light weight form factor that ensures comfortable use, even for long periods of time. The incorporation of a brilliant touch control panel on the right ear embedded within the logo also gives these a premium and expensive feel. Also of note and pretty much par for the course these days, each headphone comes with a carrying bag, matching audio cable and USB cable.

As far as sound quality is concerned, these offer a versatile listening experience with decent noise external noise blockage and are suitable for most music genres. The sound caliber is also aided by the use of Qualcomm® aptX™ and AAC® codecs, and the 40 mm driver and 32Ω impedance can deliver an impressive frequency response of (±3dB) 15Hz- 22kHz and a notable sensitivity of (@1kHz): 110 ±3dB. To put it simply, these offer a much better than your average Bluetooth sound experience and should be apt for most listeners.

The corresponding Kygo app is a nice touch and can customize your own sound and overall experience with their product by offering an extra bass boost feature, allows headphone software updates and direct contact with our customer service. The app also provides users with the ability to choose from four different sound presets – Bergen (Acoustic/Piano), New York (R&B/Hip-Hop), Ibiza (Electronic House) and Los Angeles (Lounge) but we feel this may be just too much to think about for those who just want to hit the pavement and enjoy their tunes.

At $199 the A9/600 offers users a good if not great listening experience with a premium build and great color choices for consumers but they are always going to be in competition with the bigger brand names like Beats and we simply don’t think they can slay that dragon, yet.

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