uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor

With the amount of time North Americans spend indoors, we often think staying inside is the better solution for those that suffer from environmental related health problems, however, the air quality inside our homes and offices is in fact, on average, 3 times worse than the outdoors. With the World Health Organization pin pointing air quality as being the single biggest environmental hazard in the world, it’s time we educate ourselves about the quality of the air we breathe; enter uHoo – a premium indoor air quality sensor for the everyday consumer.

While there are many air quality sensors on the market, uHoo has an edge on their competitors with its small 6 inch footprint that packs in an industry first 8 dedicated sensors. These sensors use the safety thresholds indicated by the EPA and OSHA to inform you of the air pollution level by examining the temperature, humidity, CO2,VOC,PM2.5,air pressure, carbon monoxide and ozone of the air you breathe.

With the 1 in 14 adults who suffer from asthma in the United States and the massive 50% of the nation’s 115,000 schools having problems linked to indoor air quality, the need for this knowledge is paramount. The creators of uHoo, Dustin Onghanseng and Brian Lin, met at the MBA program at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology back in 2013 and bonded over a common goal: Preventing air pollutants from affecting our health. They managed to win a 24-hour hackathon with their first indoor air quality monitor prototype, but it wasn’t until after they graduated when they could focus on developing the product.

The real advantage of uHoo is the data it collects on the quality of air in your immediate environment. With many countries pushing for stronger regulation of air quality, its devices like uHoo that could inform future policy on this matter. The indoor air quality detector actively analyzes, monitors and records cloud based data that is collated overtime to give users a more comprehensive snapshot of what they put into their lungs. Another advantage is that it can send real-time alerts for a wide range of dangerous substances in the air when detected.

After using the device, it is important to note that uHoo is essentially a data capturing device, it doesn’t actually do anything to help improve air quality. If your approach to things like this is that ignorance is bliss, then uHoo is definitely not for you. However, if you want to be more aware of what is going on in the places you spend most of your day, then the active consumer can take preventative measures and inform the powers that be on potential health risk to their colleagues and be more mindful of their families’ general overall health and that is what really makes uHoo special.

BUY yours here – UHOO Breathe Easy – Air Quality Monitor, The Most Advanced Indoor Air Sensor


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