The Best iPhone X Cases Round 3

At this point in time, we have reviewed so many cases for the new iPhone we are starting to feel somewhat like the authority on this subject. As we take a look at our third round of cases, at this point it is worth mentioning that we gauge each case we review on three areas we would consider important to your average consumer – protection, grip and value for money.
Here is another small sampling of cases to help you feel like your $1000 investment is safe.

Obliq Case Flex Pro
Obliq, a Southern Californian company, have been in the smartphone accessory industry now for almost 20 years and pride themselves on products that are simple, functional, sleek and protective.

Their Case Flex Pro is a military grade case for your iPhone X that has a massive 10 feet of drop protection but continues to be pocket friendly. The case offers a snug fit with excellent side grip but also a very clever air spring corner which absorbs shock while the sides further prevent accidental drops.

A real highlight of this case is the two layer TPU and carbon fibre-esque design of the case that really gives this thing some style. There is also a very good sized Lightning port cutout and some lay on the table screen protection, though we wished it came up a little higher, especially if you have a glass screen protector installed.

Grip2U BOOST Case
As the name would imply the Grip2U case aims to solve one of the most common causes in unexpected cell phone deaths – the drop. The fusion of a soft and forgiving inner layer of TPU with a rugged and protective outer layer of Polycarbonate, but what makes this case really special is what they have added to the back.

Each case features an interchangeable and embedded flex band that runs the length of the case. The idea is for the user to slip a few fingers behind the band and essentially secure the phone to your palm. It is very similar in concept to the very popular pop caps many millennials are sticking to their phones/cases.

However, the Boost case, doesn’t require some cheap plastic 3M adhesive addition, it offers a premium and stylish way for you to add grip to your case and simply prevent the drop!

The Nanocase is not your typical iPhone case, it aims to solve a fundamental flaw in smartphone design and that is the dissipation of heat that often limits power, performance and reliability.

The reality for us in 2018 is that with the increase of data transfer, processing and multi-tasking along with faster networks (4G/5G) it pushes our devices built-in battery cell to work on “over-drive” which generates excess heat. A hot battery cell drains much quicker.

Using their NanoGtech™, a patented material made from graphene which has extremely high intrinsic thermal conductivity, a film is applied inside their cellphone case and stays in contact with the device when applied. This more effectively dissipates heat and increases battery life by up to 20%.

While the case is not going to offer much protection and is your standard snap on affair, what you do get for this tradeoff is more time to be productive.

Lux Battery Case
For those that simply need a lot more power for their iPhone you need to look no further than the Lux battery case.

Battery cases have come a long way since the early days of the iPhone. No longer are they big bulky messes thanks to advancements in battery technology and now they can actually compliment the phone’s design.

The Lux case, offers 360 degree protection thanks to its unique hard shell and soft silicone frame while still offering full access to all ports and even some lip to protect the screen. The Lithium Polymer battery will give you 157% more runtime and is even compatible with Apple’s own Lightning headphones.

Best of all, each case is backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty.

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