Hario Metal Drip Decanter

Since 1921, one company has been at the forefront when it comes to the manufacturing and sale of heatproof glass, derived from the Japanese King of Glass 玻璃王, Hario, wants to bring their exceptional craftsmanship to the coffee industry with their new Metal Drip Decanter.

Hario’s philosophy is simple: use excellent high-quality materials, mastered techniques and skilled personnel to provide service and fine crafted products of value to customers. In fact, the company uses 100% natural minerals to refine heatproof glass making it an environmentally friendly material. The glass itself can withstand high heat and acid making it suitable for use in microwave ovens and this is all thanks to 100% natural salt being used to remove bubbles that form in the glass during the manufacturing process, making it stronger than most on the market.

Their Meta Drip Decanter is a testament to this quality and is one of the best ways to make that perfect cup of coffee. The Decanter is essentially comprised of two parts, a metal mesh filter/dripper and a beautiful glass carafe to collect the coffee as it slowly filters through. A coffeemaker would be almost pointless without its trusty coffeemaker carafe. Without the carafe, the coffee would have nowhere to drip into and there would be no way to serve it to others.

The real highlight of this product is the carafe itself, it’s impressive 700ml capacity and real glass construction make this the perfect way to serve coffee to your guests. It is also impressively compact for carrying such a large volume, its 165 × 123 × 210mm footprint also means this is easy to store away safely in any conventional kitchen space. The metal dripper is equally well made but more importantly allows coffee to filter into the glass pot without the grinds leaving a rich aromatic brew behind. We also love that it is easy to clean and due to its metal construction, is less susceptible to warping or breaking.

If you are serious about good coffee, you need to forgo plastic pods and instant coffee and brew coffee slowly and methodically using one of the best decanters on the market from one of the oldest glass manufacturers’ out there.

Get yours at www.eightouncecoffee.ca

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