Pin ONE by Pins Collective

These days, everyone wants to express their individuality to the rest of the world in new and exciting ways and technology plays a big part in that. Pin ONE by Pins Collective is a digital pin that allows you to create, share and wear images and animated gif’s!

This modernization of the classic pin or button is the ultimate cuastomisable clothing accessory. It’s matte black circular design and LCD colour screen means this an accessory that lets you wear any of your favourite artists, designer or illustrator on your collar, clothes, bags or anywhere.

Using their very easy to use proprietary app, users can join the community of creators who design their own custom gifs and other artistic work and literally feel closer to them by wearing them on their sleeve. Alternatively, you can even design or upload your own work and showcase it to the world and share it with your friends.

Over the past month, I have been using the Pin to reflect my daily mood. With so many artists to choose from, I have always found something that fits just right. For the record, I used a poo gif way too often! We also really love the ability to upload your own gif or image, this was a great way to show off my 5 year old sons’ Kindergaten graduation photo.

We really love the Pin ONE by Pins Collective, we love the ability to express ourselves each day in new and different ways. We also love how it can accompany and really bring something different to any outfit.

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