Final iPhone X Case Round Up (we think)

Not since the iPhone 6 have so many cases come across our desk. Perhaps it is the radical redesign or its tendency to break easily but for those that are counting, this is round 5 and the final collection of cases worth checking out for the new iPhone.

Keyway iPhone cases


Keyway are not a household name in the accessory market, but don’t let that fool you because they do craft some stunning cases made from real leather and wood for the iPhone. With a philosophy we can get behind – to make form and function operate cohesively – their cases scream elegant design, skilled craftsmanship, and artistic simplicity.

One thing we truly love about Keyway cases is their combination of art and woodworking that seem to blend seamlessly to create some very unique, hand finished wood cases with laser cut inlays, and a Flexible Rubber shell. Their Restore case with its representation of the Japanese art of Kintsugi (the technique involves repairing broken pottery with lacquer and gold) is hands down the most beautiful case to come across our desks this year.

If you want the beauty of the iPhone to match its case, you need to look no further than Keyway.

Native Union Clic Card Case


For those that want more versatility and are looking for a case that can hold a card or two and eliminate that pesky wallet, the Clic Card case should be on your radar.

Native Union are veterans in this space and were born from a disenchantment by nondescript, mass produced plastic that filled the mobile accessories market. Their in house design team wanted to change the way we think about mobile accessories by creating cases using premium materials like genuine leather and even marble, yes marble!

Their Clic Card case is a beautiful combination of protection and wallet. Made from genuine Argentinian leather and a tough TPU outer, the case exudes luxury and can still protect your phone from the occasional drop. This case is perfect for the office and pairs well with any suit or outfit for that evening out.

Zizo Bolt Case


If protection is the name of the game, Zizo has you covered. For the past 12 years Zizo has been making affordable cases to protect our smartphones and after hours innovating, designing, and most importantly packing their products, nothing speaks more to their quality than their Bolt case for the iPhone X.

Made from a soft inner Tetra Polyurethane layer to absorb shock and a harder impact resistant poly-carbonate shell to disperse it, the case offers a massive 12ft of military grade drop protection. If that doesn’t sell you, they also have included a very hand and sturdy kick stand in the back of the case for Netflix watching marathons and even a tempered glass screen protector.

The bolt case truly is the all in one swiss army knife of cases and perfect for those that are thinking a resell down the line.

Noreve Leather Wallet case


Noreve, specialize in making stylish, elegant, and protective leather cases for your favorite devices. Designed in the beautiful St. Tropez in the South of France, Noreve believes in one fundamental principal – Everything is based on quality, and from that, the company prides itself on using quality leathers, quality molds and exceptional cutting techniques to cultivate the art of the object.

What makes Noreve’s smartphone accessories so appealing is the ability to customize your choice with what they call different ranges. Each range features different design cues, materials, and patterns to truly make a premium case that suits everyone’s need. Consumers can also specify coloring both in and outside the case as well as dictate overall design with both snap on, folio and flip down varieties available.

Our personal recommendation is their Addiction wallet case in the brown Saffiano leather, it offers exceptional grip and patinas nicely over the life of the case and gives it character. We are also big fans of the secure clasping mechanism to keep the case closed at all times, something often missing from similar offerings.

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