Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

August is a fine month for some cycling. Warmer temperatures and blue skies means it is the perfect time to get out and about on your bike. For those that are more serious about their rides, the folks at Wahoo want to give you all the metrics you need to help track your performance and distance covered with their ELEMNT GPS bike computer.

Wahoo have already established themselves in this space with their very popular indoor trainer called KICKR, and now with their sights solely on their direct competitor Garmin, the want to use the power of the modern smartphone as they venture outdoors with their worthy GPS offering and rightly so, their mission is to make it easier and more effective for cyclist to use these devices.

The 100% wireless GPS bike computer is svelte but proves itself in what it offers riders with its ability to track speed and distance information, while a barometric altimeter covers ascent, descent, and grade and using ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, plus a variety of existing sensors, it can also tell you more about your time in the saddle even a very effective muscle oxygen sensor. Initial setup could not have been easier, ELEMNT comes with 3 sturdy and secure mounts: out-front, stem, and aero-bar. Users simply attach the mounting mechanism to their bike, use the quarter turn mount and click, its secure.

Wahoo have made it even easier for cyclists to set up the device using the free ELEMNT Companion App for Android and iOS. You simply use the app to automatically pair ELEMNT via a QR code and then configure workout pages using the easy interface of a smartphone, a welcome change from other more complex systems. The companion app also allows complete customization, from what you see on the screen, to how and where your activities are uploaded, to navigation, and more.

One thing we also appreciate about ELEMNT is that it functions with most popular electronic shifting systems including Shimano Di2, SRAM eTAP, FSA WE, and Campagnolo EPS. The unit displays a visual and numerical indication of what front and rear gears you are in as well as how much gear shifting battery remains. A favorite of ours was also the user’s ability to setup the LED lights along the top/side, to determine what they mean. You can specify which metrics the side LED’s are tied to: Heart Rate (HR), power, and speed. Further, you can change what to use the top LED’s for and even tweak some of the sound settings. Another thing worth noting is its compatibility with popular smart trainers, you can sync ride data to your favorite training communities, sites like Strava, Training Peaks, SportTracks, etc. Or manually export data via USB in .FIT files.

All this is nice, but what about the GPS functionality? ELEMNT comes pre-loaded with maps of almost every country in the world, with mapping and turn-by-turn navigation data provided through your smartphone that relays rides created in apps like Strava Routes, RideWithGPS, BestBikeSplit, or Komoot. You can even create a route from past rides, or a GPX/TCX and the ELEMNT app which we really liked. For those wanting more of a community feel, you can even live track other Wahoo users and meet up for a ride.

Lastly, the computer features a USB rechargeable battery and has a respectable 17 hours of battery life plus regular firmware updates that add functionality and streamline the user interface.

ELEMNT may very well be the best GPS accompaniment for any cyclist on the market and with so many features available, it is a product to look out for. In fact, it is our One Cut Product of the Month for August.

BUY yours here Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer


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