This past Summer was one of the hottest on record for Southern Ontario with temperatures averaging in the 32-35-degree Celsius range before we even factor in the humidity. With that warm weather, one thing we always must be mindful of is our skin. While sunscreen is a safe and preventative measure, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Sundots, want to help, with their world first gummy that provides added protection from the sun.

With the desire to be a force of good in the world and bring real change, the team at Sundots are already making waves with their pending B-Corp certification, which is “the highest standard for socially responsible businesses.” In fact, a percentage of each sale goes to their two nonprofit partners: The Nature Conservancy and The American Association of University Women.

Their creation: Sundots, aims to solve some of the fundamental flaws with just using sunscreen – incorrect SPF branding and a lack of user application and reapplication. I mean, let’s face it, when we are on vacation our minds are more on mojitos rather than going through the arduous process of reapplying that sloppy sunscreen. The problem is, this ignorance then leaves our delicate skin exposed to dangerous UVA radiation.

Designed to be taken like a daily vitamin, Sundots, features Polypodium, a byproduct of a fern located in the South American region which has been used in various forms for the past 30 years for its supposed UV protection. In fact, polypodium leucotomos is broadly trusted and used by the insider dermatology community to prevent certain skin problems including sunburn, eczema (atopic dermatitis), psoriasis, vitiligo, and skin cancer. The belief is that it might have antioxidant effects that could prevent damage caused by excessive sun exposure. This paired with other all-natural ingredients such as Vegan, lichen-based Vitamin D3 (800 IU) for bone and immune health means you are getting some supercharged sun protection that can emerge in as little as two hours and build up over time.


After taking our Sundots this past month, it is a little tricky to determine their effectiveness given my lightly olive complexion. They are easy enough to consume and taste pretty good, but we didn’t want to put it quite to the ultimate test by only using Sundots and not wearing Sunscreen as this is not how it works. However, we did notice after a few days that our skin looked and felt healthier with less notable blemishes and a more taught appearance than usual. We also really like that Sundots has our daily dose of Vitamin D.

At the end of the day, Sundots are a further preventative measure against the damaging effects of UV radiation on your skin and for that reason are worth the long-term investment for better overall skin health.

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