Cut to It! 3 new products you must see

We review so many products here at One Cut Reviews but occasionally a few will really grab our attention. These new product offerings are weird, wonderful and wicked in their own way, but we think you, our readers, will love them.



What could be the ultimate party accessory, Bevtie, is the handsfree beverage holder that you wear around your neck.

What started as a successful Kickstarter campaign as the world’s most stylish and functional beverage holder is now enjoyed at parties and potlucks in all 50 US states and across the globe in 15 countries.

The Bevtie, is a classic necktie in form and function but is made from premium neoprene fabric that insulates your beverage through the added pouch that securely holds your favorite drink.

With many color choices available, it is the perfect companion to any outfit, keeps your drink cold and you looking great!

Get yours at

Ikepod Minimal slim gear wallet:


When you are trying to slim down your pockets on those skinny jeans you love so much, a big bulky wallet just isn’t very fitting, you need something more compact that can hold your most important cards and maintain a very slim profile.

Ikepod USA make premium men’s accessories that are elegant, functional, a delight to use and offer tremendous value and their minimal slim gear wallet is a testament to that.

Made from MIL-spec grade premium carbon fire or stainless-steel outer, the small rectangular wallet manages to sandwich up to 12 cards and some bills between the outer construction and simply opens in V form thanks to some elastic on the sides. It is also RFID protected and has a 3-year warranty. The convenient outer clasp also works well to latch on to the outer edge of the pocket to ensure it can’t slide out.

This update to the classic wallet is the perfect balance between form and function and will not weigh you down.

Get yours at

Dash Compact Air Fryer:


For those that are watching the waist line but loved fried foods then this product is for you. The Dash Air Fryer features a cylindrical and modern space saving design and comes in a range of funky colors and is perfect for smaller kitchens.

The 900-watt air fryer has a 1.2-liter capacity, dishwasher safe basket and two manual dials that control the temperature and time. The built-in AirCrisp (TM) technology applies heat consistently while a fan moves it around the chamber for even cooking and browning. Due to its small size, cooking results are consistent due to less fluctuations in temperature.

We are big fans of the nonskid pads on the feet that keep it in place when you’re pushing or pulling the cooking pan in and out and the user manual offers some useful frying tips and cooking times for different food stuffs.

Not only does the Dash Air Fryer look great, it is a much healthier way to “fry” your favorite foods.

Get yours at


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