Cut to it! Outdoors Edition

We review so many products here at One Cut Reviews but occasionally a few will really grab our attention. These new product offerings are weird, wonderful and wicked in their own way, but we think you, our readers, will love them.

Wacaco Minipresso GR


Coffee or survival juice as it is known in our office, is almost everyone’s go to pick me up on a busy day and nothing tastes worse than some mass produced coffee chain’s version of espresso that costs like $8. The Minipresso by Wacaco, wants to be your coffee lifeline with their portable espresso machine.

No larger than a water bottle, the feather-light and versatile machine uses powerful extraction pressure to create a rich and bold espresso on the go. Simple and intuitive to use, you simply add the ground coffee to the coffee filter basket with the help of the built-in pod. Apply a slight pressure with the back of it to level the grind, add hot water and unlock the piston from its transport position. You then pump several times to pressurize and extract the perfect shot of coffee.

One thing we love, besides it small footprint, is that you can use virtually any coffee and grind in this machine and even prepare it yourself so you can truly customize your coffee drinking experience.



What could be the perfect eco-friendly lighting solution, Shark Tank alumni – Power Practical, do exactly as the name suggests and turn energy into something more practical, nay, more usable. Their latest product the Luminoodle, is a flexible, waterproof, USB-powered LED light strip that is multipurpose and efficient for most of your lighting needs.

This ambient lighting solution is perfect for everything from camping to outdoor patios and can be powered by any USB power source, even a powerbank. Producing between 180 to 360 Lumens depending on the length, the light strip can be hung, strung, or hooked on to pretty much anything and can be even bundled up in a bag to make the perfect lantern.

The IP67 waterproofing also means you do not need to worry about the weather and it also comes with a very welcome nylon carry bag for easy storage!

Shader – Personal shade and sun protection


When the cold weather hits, our minds start dreaming of that island escape and for those fortunate enough to have that endless summer experience, there is a good chance you will need a Shader.

You’ve all been in the situation where you are sunbathing and that pesky sun just won’t stay out of your eyes and you can feel it prematurely aging your face with sunspots while you bake, well no more! Shader, is an adjustable sun shade designed to protect only your face and head.

Offering a new level of privacy from beachgoers, the lightweight sun shade also protects you from the wind and offers another level of protection from the sun, even if sunscreen is not an option for those with sensitive skin.

It also, not surprisingly, offers some good shade for your drinks and snacks and can be even customized with a solar powered fan attachment, a drink holder or foam pillow cooler and it is because of this versatility that we see this being a huge hit with Winter hoppers.


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